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Garage Services

Garage Door Repair Services
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Spring Repair
  • Opener Replacement
  • Panel Replacement

Springs and Cables

Garage Door Springs and Cables

  • Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Commercial Springs
  • Residential Springs

Openers and Parts

Garage Door Repair Services

  • Chain Drive Openers
  • Screw Drive Openers
  • Belt Drive Openers
  • Jackshaft Openers

Gate Services

Garage Door Repair Services

  • Automatic Gate Repair
  • Gate Intercom Repair
  • Slide Gate Repair
  • Swing Gate Repair

Garage Door Repair Waltham MA

People usually take garage doors for granted until they see that something is wrong with them. If you think about it, a garage door is a big piece of moving equipment found in your house. It is a big, heavy, piece of metal that allows you to close your garage and moves over your kids, pets and cars. When a garage door is not working well, there is a possibility that it can be a danger to those people living in your home.

Choosing the right garage repair in Waltham is important. Remember that they are not all created equal. You have to think about your choice. If not, you might end up with numerous problems that will hinder you from doing your day-to-day activities. You might also get an inexperienced company that will not be able to do the job perfectly. They might even use inferior materials. They can also overcharge you for installations and repairs.

Garage Door Spring Repair

There will come a time when the springs of your garage door become ruined. A garage door specialist is needed for this problem. Call the experts today. We can repair garage door spring in Waltham at a price that you will be happy to pay.

There are usually two types of garage door springs namely the torsion and extension springs. Torsion springs are on a rod near the opening of the door. There are usually two of them; each one is located in door’s center. When one needs to be repaired or changed, the other one usually follows. It would be wise to replace both of them even if only one is broken. This will minimize the cost because you do not have to hire another garage door company in a short amount of time. If you are not knowledgeable, replacing it can be dangerous.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are responsible for operating the door. When you push the button on the remote or on the panel on the side of the door, the door opener starts functioning. The electrical and electronic components combine to set the entire door in motion so that it can move up or down. From problems with the transmitter on the remote to issues with electronic components inside the door opener mechanism, a variety of problems can plague a garage door opener. We remain prepared for all cases and have a great variety of door opener components stocked so that we have no problems when we need to repair garage door opener in Waltham.

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